Monday, July 2, 2012

Jarman Millennium: a thousand-year history of the Jarman family.

The purpose of this blog is to create a permanent, on-line record of my twelve-year retirement project: tracing the family genealogy backwards from the beginning of the third millennium to the end of the first.

The format may be a little unusual, as it doesn't follow the usual "family tree" structure. There is less emphasis on dates and more on biographical data. Also, while the "tree" stretches high into the past, it seldom spreads its branches wide: the research concentrates on direct antecedents; aunts, uncles and cousins are mentioned only if they happen -- as with Sir Henry Pottinger -- to be of "special" (e.g. historical) significance (or, occasionally, notoriety!).

Possibly, the information contained in this research will prove of some use to other family historians whose histories intersect with my own. Also, hopefully, some of these historians will spot errors, omissions and misinterpretations, and suggest additions and corrections. New information is coming to light all the time, and it is my hope that this blog can be a site where emerging material can be collected, evaluated, and incorporated into a family history of some real worth.

The biographies of living persons, while forming part of the hard copy of this genealogy, are excluded from this on-line copy.

Happy browsing!